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Katy TX ph: 281-394-7500    Hours: M-W 11-9  |  Th-Sat 11-10  |  Sun 11-8

European-Style Cut to Order Cheese + Charcuterie

Our cheese and charcuterie shop carries a selection of high-end cheeses and meats that you can’t find anywhere else in this part of Houston. So if you are tired of rubbery grocery store cheese, please be our guest, and we’ll show you what real cheese is all about! 


We make a point to offer cheeses made right here in the USA and particularly love to promote the local artisanal cheese makers; but we will never turn our back on a French triple-cream brie or gooey stinky Tallegio, and will always have our shelves stocked with many European cheeses and meats. Our selection changes weekly, so check in often.

Charcuterie refers to meats that have been preserved by curing, brining, smoking, cooking it in fat or drying it out. Just like cheese plates, charcuterie offers diners something to nibble on as a snack or appetizer. Charcuterie is often accompanied by pickles, olives, mustards, marmalades, crackers or bread, and of course, cheese! We carry prosciutto, capicola, bresaola, and speck, and our selection will vary from time to time.

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